Valais Blacknose Sheep

We are thrilled to be the first farm in the Southeast United States to have acquired a purebred Valais Blacknose ram. We began our journey in the breed up program in 2020 and now have a flock comprised of F1-purebred percentages. We offer these special lambs in the spring and fall, to appropriately vetted homes, as well as purebred semen (both frozen and live cover).

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The Valais Blacknose sheep originate in the Valais region of Switzerland. They are a dual-purpose breed, raised for meat and wool. They are unique to the Upper Valais and are well adapted to the harsh mountain conditions, being extremely hardy, prolific and frugal.

The black on its nose, eyes, ears, knees, hocks and feet and otherwise light woolly coats make them quite unmistakeable. They have large helical or spiral shaped horns .They are good at grazing steep, rocky slopes. Both sexes are horned. 

History from the Valais Blacknose Sheep Society