Our Non-Profit


Welcome to Final Run Rescue, where final, means forever.

We are thrilled to have achieved our official non-profit status as a 501(c)3. Final Run rescue calls Montgomery Sky Farm home, our 50-acre property located in Leicester, NC. Our mission is to provide rescue and rehabiliation to animals in need, while also granting them a final and forever home to run free. We began this journey six years ago and are thrilled to allow our loyal followers, the ability to support this next journey. Those of you who have visited and farm and met our rescue herd, know just how important this is for us. We have self funded this mission through our for-profit business over the last few years, along with the generous contributions of a few very close patrons. This goal would allow us to expand our current operation, with the hopes of building a new barn and dry lot for intakes requiring quarantine. It would also fund 10 acres of fencing we have to achieve for rotational grazing, new gravel for a road/driveway into the pasture, new gates, troughs and hay feeders, as well as a run-in shed for shelter from the inclement weather. We always strive to provide our rescues with the best quality of life and hope this campaign can help us achieve these goals in the next six months.