We pride ourselves on producing fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs, wildflowers and free range eggs, with our main focus being sustainable farming practices. We are fortunate that location is our friend when it comes to growing, our location in the valley of the Western North Carolina mountains allows for full sunny days and an early morning fog for precipitation. It all begins with the food we eat, limiting waste and utilizing all vegetable and fruit scraps for compost. At Montgomery Sky Farm, compost begins with fresh scraps, which are turned by humans and our flock of avid, working chickens. The compost is turned multiple times and then layered twice a year in all our garden beds. Utilizing the compost alongside our farming practices has allowed us to yield produce that is entirely free of pesticides, avoiding all artificial chemicals, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms and hormones. As a result, we are able to provide an abundance of fresh, natural and organically grown food, that is entirely environmentally friendly and we are so proud!

We work alongside local restaurants in our community, providing them specialty produce. Contact us for more information.