Rogue Bird Hatchery


In 2018, we acquired our first six, barred rock hens, for the purpose of producing eggs. That number quickly grew, and we now have a flock of roughly forty birds, from heritage breeds, to purebred polish. We instantly fell in love with our golden laced polish birds and are thrilled to produce and offer pasture ranged organic eggs, fertile hatching eggs, chicks, and adult birds for sale. We have two resident roosters, a barred rock and a golden laced polish. 

Breeds we have available:

Barred Rock
Black Australorpe
Black Copper Maran
Buff Orpington
Cream Legbar
Golden Comet
Golden Laced Polish
French Wheaten Maran
Rhode Island Blue
Rhode Island Red
White Sex links

What we offer:

Pasture, free ranged eggs

Fertile, hatching eggs

Baby Chicks

Adult Birds